{1 - 24} GreyGrey
{25 - 49} GreenGreen
{50 - 499} BlueBlue
{500 - 4999} OrangeOrange
{5000 - 24999} RedRed
{25000+} BlackBlack

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Assuming if that is a proven rapist, if the mum killing rapist in self/child defense, does she deserve 11 years of jail? So should she smile while that fuck rapes her daughter, or call the police after she gets raped and hope for a 5 year service/jail then he returns when the kid grew up? Leaving a life long scar to the little girl?

Xbox Live Arcade users will be thrilled by news that Doom is already available for download, and Sensible World of Soccer is on its way.Videos for many of the games shown at X06 are also already available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for download.Around 50 per cent of Australian Xbox 360 owners are now connected to the Xbox Live online service, compared to just ten per cent on the original Xbox. Worldwide, the figure is 60 per cent, and over 57 million downloads have been registered, with 1500 items available.

David McLean, Regional Director of Microsoft’s Home and Entertainment Division in Australia, says Microsoft remains on track to ship 10 million 360s by the end of the year and has already sold over 90,000 in Australia.Many new Xbox 360 peripherals are on their way before the end of the year, including a $199 wireless force feedback steering wheel, a $69 wireless headset microphone and the $59 Xbox Live Vision Camera for video chat, facial mapping and EyeToy style games.

Because anti vax, selfish fucktards like this one prefer to use their child as a measle bomb to re initiate eliminated diseases to threaten the community, and for that alone they should be classified as terrorists creating biological weapons and be jailed.these dumbasses have no clue what the consequences is when making jokes like measles parties, and their ignorance, inability to understand science/referencing/clinical trials to create community threats is not an excuse to be spared when killcount rises
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