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I’d love a comp cape in OSRS for some thing for me to use

I’d love a comp cape in OSRS for OSRS gold some thing for me to use but that I would not want it to possess any special perks past the regular max cape stuff. No one uses maximum or comp anymore. The kiln capes now outclassed it. They did nerf the stats about the comp and maximum capes, and today with the launch of wars escape, there’s absolutely no need for being max for the max guild.

Skillcapes have been problematic for quite a very long time. In RWT we saw a huge increase after their introduction in mid/late 2006 and botting in 2007. Skills which were unworthy to max such as Firemaking and Herblore had a massive demand all of a sudden and RWTers only filled that gap. Correlation doesn’t equal causation. Having lived it, I would be quite likely to believe that the interval between when capes were released and the spike in RWT and bot activity you mentioned was also one where Runescape saw a good quantity of growth.

Beyond that, what you are suggesting is that the act of getting individuals to play Runescape longer will worsen the botting and RWT problems. I recall the change in mindset the launch of skillcapes. It really was a time prior to skillcapes. It seemed like barely anyone cared to get high stats, let alone get level 99 in futile or unenjoyable skills. Then after their release everyone seemed to suddenly care.

Now its much. The present playerbase is obsessed with efficacy. I truly believe its damaging Runescape. There is a lot of dead content ingame, simply because it is not thought to be efficient. The new efficiency mindset the skillcapes caused undoubtedly increased the demand for RWT and cheating. The perks are also a big part of the problem, like IVIorphinz stated, however, it all began with the introduction of skillcapes in my personal opinion.

Like a great deal of people today don’t play for pleasure 14, I really feel. Most individuals are chasing after very very long term, mind numbing grinds because the playerbase as a whole has become so aggressive with every other that individuals are the only things”that matter”. In case it doesn’t take hundreds of hours, then it’s not a true achievement apparently. I don’t disagree with that since it is bound to happen so long there’s hiscore and can be achieved directly by buying gp, but however the accession of buy RS gold perks and max cape, although invite more people to commit time = more cash for Jagex, is money gained through exploitation.

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