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I put in it, and I am having a fun time so far!

You will find two alternate sources of bananas: The banana plantation, as well as the spell bones to bananas, now while without ape purchasing bananas might be out of RS gold this window. A preliminary investigation of the banana farm signaled that it would be slower. Is there any kind of place in Runescape where bones are common? Can you receive a large quantity of bones anywhere? As it happens, the boneyard is a thing, and you’re able to get there reasonably quickly with teleports. Today, flour is approximately 300 gold per second, assuming that you sell it on the market for 200 and you make no errors (which is not too hard), which makes that the figure to conquer

The minimum set of stock items which you need to get to the boneyard is character runes if you use teleport bracelets and choose a sand staff. In 891 a pop, it is possible to compute how fast a full roundtrip should be to the wilderness to accumulate bones convert them to bananas, and stuff them. Together with 1 for nature runes, and 5 free inventory slots for bones/bananas, you have 22 slots for baskets. Assuming that the baskets are totally filled, that is a total of 19602 gold each excursion. To beat flour as a moneymaking method, you have to fill out the entire excursion in (19602/300) seconds, which is 65, disregarding the price of nature runes.

Do I think I accumulate 22 * 5 bones can get into the boneyard and convert them in 65 seconds including round trip travel time, into bananas? Probably not. This scratches a money making off source. But. If I could find something which dropped a big quantity of bones (2-4+) that may be killed in one hit, then it will become a definite possibility again. The search persists. Its a fantastic backup plan in case flour ever halves in value or peanuts spike. All I am really saying is that the search for efficiency can in itself be fun, I or that have issues. I have to go explore oranges.I’ve Got some questions after playing with OSRS and RS3

I only got back into Runescape a few days ago once I changed to GW2 and Tera after not having played since around 2012. I never expected RS to scratch my MMO itch again, but one of my buddies recommended OSRS. I put in it, and I am having a fun time so far! However, I was curious, because everybody craps on RS3 the cheap RuneScape gold time it appears. I put in it, and it is blowing me away so far. The UI quality of life updates, the stylized graphics, etc. I’m super pumped!

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