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givinghealthylife anks, which are part of the Core 23 BioBank, which voluntarily place themselves for other additional regulations under accredited reputational bodies such as FACT and AABB.

Recently, AABB accreditation is considered the norm or key to umbilical cord blood transplantation, where approximately 70% of AABB umbilical cord blood banks are located outside the US. UU As an authorized and authentic organization of accreditation of cellular therapies and transfusion medicine. , the AABB listens attentively to the stories of several members of blood banks, hospitals and other organizations. It is said that listening is a vital aspect of the AABB accreditation process and program.

As a group of AABB evaluators approaches an organization, the basic checklists are not what they depend on! On the other hand, its main responsibility is to investigate, observe, collect data, create connections and provide direct feedback on the achievements of the organization in the attention to the technical and quality management of AABB. In addition to the formal review process, there is a peer knowledge exchange process that is carried out along with other discussions related to best practices. In addition, it is interesting to note that the AABB accreditation program is accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care, a notable global organization that supervises and accredits accreditation bodies.

In fact, in 2016, an ABAB-accredited umbilical cord blood bank successfully delivered a lifesaving treatment to a 7-year-old child by providing stem cells that were obtained from the umbilical cord blood that was saved. years before the birth of his brother. This 7 year old boy, who is the older brother, was diagnosed with beta thalassemia important, which is a blood disorder that could require blood transfusions daily and in life, can branch out to other various risks and serious health ailments.

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