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{25 - 49} GreenGreen
{50 - 499} BlueBlue
{500 - 4999} OrangeOrange
{5000 - 24999} RedRed
{25000+} BlackBlack

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The Secrets To Successful Football Betting?

Own a Point To possess a point with two or more checkers. Own the Cube After you have been challenged to and accepted a double, you will then retain possession of the cube and thus the ability to raise the stakes once again with another double. Pip Count Calculated by multiplying the number of checkers on every point by the point’s assigned number, and then adding each of these totals together. Each player begins the Backgammon game with a pip count total of 167. Points The 24 triangle-shaped dividers on a Backgammon set. There are 12 points on each side of the Backgammon board. Prime A strategic move in Backgammon in which a player occupies several points in a row, blocking their opponent from moving forward in the game. Quadrant In the Backgammon setup there are four sections of the boards. Each section is comprised of 6 points. Re-Double Once a player has already accepted a double challenge from his opponent, he may then turn around and immediately propose a re-double, doubling the stakes of the game once again.

Runners The two checkers that begin the game on the opponent’s 1 point. Set Up The Backgammon set up is the way the board and its pieces are laid out at the beginning of a game. The set up is always the same, and includes 2 checkers on the opponent’s 1 point (Runners), a stack of 5 checkers on the 13 point in the middle of the board, 3 checkers on the 8 point, and 5 checkers immediately after that on the 6 point. Learning how to play backgammon can at first be an entirely confusing venture. A teacher who knows the game well enough to be able to explain the basics, but who also knows the variety of strategies that a player can employ to cleverly and soundly win a game, and who also maintains a high level of patience may prove to be a very hard find. However, this challenge should not deter anyone who is interested in learning to play the backgammon board game.

Today, the Internet offers nearly limitless resources in learning how to play this game of chance, race and skill. With free backgammon downloads offered by several online gaming websites, there will never be a dearth of information on backgammon instructions for anyone with the slightest interest in this ancient game that has carried on throughout the centuries and across the globe. It is only a matter of having basic computer skills to navigate through the hundreds of websites to find the right online backgammon venue for you to play.

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I have been betting on sports for a long time and prefer trusted bookmakers. Because once I ran into scammers, all my money was gone, I was very upset because of this and now I always use bookmakers only on the recommendation of my friends. Nowadays I most often place bets on this site. Good luck!

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