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The Forex Millionaires – Why Are They So Successful?

See any automated forex robots sold with hyped copy online and they all claim big profits – but they all have a catch that makes it unlikely that you will win and will get wiped out. What is it, let’s find out… They claim they have made big gains and you will to – but they don’t have a track record of real money to back up the claims. Simulated Profits Only Just check the small print at the end of the copy and you will see the majority are just back tests simulated in hindsight. Well if I could do everything in life knowing the facts in advance, I would be a multi millionaire – but life’s not that simple.

Simulations mean nothing in terms of profits you will make with forex automated robots. Vendors simply bend the rules to fit the data and the fact they don’t trade it themselves first, shows it’s not worth much – $100 and you get financial freedom umm. A simulation means nothing in terms of what the system can make and that’s why the whole world hasn’t packed in the day job, paid $100 and created a jobs shortage, because everyone is trading for a living instead. Most novice traders seem to be naïve and think you get something for nothing in forex trading, when they know its not true in life – so why would it be in forex trading? Some forex Trading Systems are Good There are some automated forex trading robots that can make money – but don’t expect to have no losses or consistent gains, they can make money long term but short term, results can be erratic.

Sure they can deliver 50 – 100% annual gains- but expect losses to drawdown of 25 – 50% of equity is normal and losing periods can last for months. Get one with at least a 3 year audited real track record and see if it fits your risk criteria. Win at Forex You can win at forex trading but don’t view it as easy that’s why the rewards are so big. Either get the right forex education and trade for yourself or seek out a proven robot, learn its logic and apply it with discipline – both can lead you to success and leave the simulated, get rich quick systems, to the naïve traders and be realistic get one with a real time track record or apply your own skills and win.

Forex Monarch Review – Right Way To Maximize Your Profit Level!!!

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