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Sex between two people in love is insatiable, longing and constant desire for each other. Sex thrives the most during the early stage of a relationship. You and your partner cannot get enough of each other. Every moment thinking of your partner regardless of whether you are with him/her or away from him/her is just sheer bliss. However, there are also moments when you experienced sex problems in relationships.

Sex problems could be caused by a variety of factors. It could be that you and your partner draw apart emotionally and physically. This could be because of the busy work life, focus on raising children or even boredom. Financial constraints and health related issues are also root causes for sex problems in your relationship.

Variety is an important thing when it comes to fixing sex problems in relationships. Monotony and boredom might have crept into your relationship. In the beginning, your sex life was an adventure. However, over time, these adventures can turn into boredom. In order to deal with this, try to introduce some variety into your sex life. You do not have to have sex in one place all the time. Try having sex in every room and every place you could think of. Learn from “Kama Sutra”, the sex manual by ancient Indian. You may want to adopt some practical advice on sexual intercourse if need be..

Perfect the art of foreplay. Sexual stimulation does not always have to begin on the marital bed though it should culminate there. It is easy for a man to rise to the occasion. However, for most women, it takes more work. Emotional stimulation for them can lead to physical stimulation. Therefore, for the men, learn how to pamper your women differently. Instead of sexual foreplay, do the house chores, get the groceries or buy her chocolate. Any deed that touches her emotional core is a key aspect of foreplay.

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