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I do not recall PSO2 being too costly

Possibly something for them to add in Fresh Finds, but I wouldn’t be happy if those ended up on AC Scratch in NA. Wouldn’t this somewhat counter-intuitive to those arguments by minding the AC Scratch chances with VA Tickets? Granted, I am somewhat reminiscent since voice tickets never really appealed to me on JP, but I really cannot see this being something that would go over well with NA Scratch (if it has added to the AC Scratch pools).

The thing is, I’m on the complete other side of the spectrum from you in regards to this: voice tickets are the most essential cosmetic for me from JP. Just hearing they aren’t outright dead from the water leaves me quite happy, but I am still worried about how they turn it in the game. If they’re FF exclusive, or assignment pass exclusive, or god forbid SG scratch exclusive, (essentially, if they’re mostly untradeable), I will go right back to being fairly annoyed.

Oh, yeah, I completely get that! I believe the problem may be only the differences in markets ; if they are looking to sell Japanese VA tickets only, then there is likely going to be quite some unpopularity with the inclusion of them together with AC Scratch. I feel like if they rotated them through Fresh Finds, it could be a less debilitating gacha encounter for everyone. I hate the fact that the AC Scratch is less then 1 percent for items I like right now, and I’d hate to see that plummet since they stuff more into AC Scratch.

The SG comment is an old one in the 15th, with the true campaign itself being executed exactly the same day as the scrape. It’s very unlikely that the effort itself (and consequently the comment) was in response to the actual backlash of when the SG scrape was executed, compared to the growing concerns when viewing the SG swap store being made availabI affixed all my equipment during the last boost week a couple of months before, but I do not recall it being too costly . I believe I spent approximately 20m in total for all of that. The priciest augment was certainly Phrase Weak, though. Thank you for sharing. I believe this and the kyo movie has motivated me to eventually combine some armor particularly since the circaray can be carried forward. I’ll likely only do 3 augments. It took about 15 minutes to get.

I dont know how you counter in the second phase and not take damage. Every time I counter her dashes or her sword tide kick things, I take 800+ harm even if I receive the counter off successfully and its so infuriating. The majority of my PP regen in this video is out of counters. If you counter and the strike goes through, you receive PP back. I will upgrade my manual quite soon on more detailed on timeds (and more information on daily craft). Since I’m getting a lot of mixups about the”AD” crafts and such, I’ll be sure to deal with this. The people making the timeds would be the ones going through the annoyances, whereas asking and using timeds is very straightforward. So if you end up planning on farming some thing for a while, you might choose to request some.

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