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Take a break from yasuo and do some norms. You don’t have to be good at other champs, just gotta be light enough to be carried. I used to be an all around player but since I started playing yasuo my skills on other champs dwindled. But I can’t stand dodging after players ban yasuo so I got back into playing champs like Leblanc, Akali, orianna, etc. I’m not AS good on those champs as yasuo, but I can still get carried.

If those champs aren’t your style you could always pick ,according to your teamcomp, certain champs. Huge team fighters, huge wave clears or even become a secondary support if the adc is running a hyper carry.I played an iPad game called Conquer Online and I met my now fianc on it about 4 5 years ago, I a guy we don remember important dates, while I lived in Florida and she lived in California.

We played that one game constantly and then one day she decided to try out Order Chaos.I played league once or twice before we met but I didn get into it at the time, no friends I knew that played it, but when she started playing O I recommended her to league as it the same just on PC.

So since then we been hooked, officially started in s3 during Jinx release, and I moved to California to be with her, yes I did visit before hand. And now we engaged and planning to marry next month (August).There a lot I holding out on and I on mobile so sorry for any formatting issues!If you been stuck in bronze 5 for a long time chances are your MMR is fucked beyond repair and no coach will be able to get you to gold in time.

New accounts start at silver MMR so you have a much higher chance and it be much quicker granted you don lose too many games.Also you no longer main support and jungle, you now a midlaner and your main champ is Annie. No complaints, no “she boring”, no “I don like her/ can play her” you get her, you play her IF you really want to get gold before the end of the season. You sleep, eat and breathe Annie from now on. If she banned you dodge, if you don get mid she can work in top/supp aswell, if you don get these roles you dodge.
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