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This was interesting but Up N Go Energy Review irrelevant to my everyday life – until I woke one Friday a few weeks ago with that familiar tingling and tenderness. All you cold sore sufferers out there will empathise with this feeling. I just wanted to put a paper bag on my head before facing the world. But… I thought here go, I’ll put this supplement to the test. The regular maintenance dose of the 500mg tablets is 1 -2 tablets a day but I had read that when an outbreak occurs this should be increased. So, I increased the dose to 4 tablets, along with a high strength vitamin C & Zinc tablet as I had read that vitamin C and Zinc are also indicated for herpes mitigation.

That day, although the blisters formed, they did not crust over, and by the next day, they had reduced considerably. I made sure that I kept the dosage up. And unbelievably, by Monday, all I had on my mouth was a sensitive red patch where normally a huge encrusted blister would have been.Normally I would have been hiding from the world by now nursing my painful mouth. I have never had such a speedy and positive reaction to any supplement I have ever taken, and was really glad I had decided to try it.

So, on a personal note, I can fully endorse this amino acid supplement. All my life, in the winter, when run down, during a cold, at times of stress, I have suffered painful cold sores, but I am confident that now I have found the means to fight and prevent this unsightly and painful condition.
In many aspects of life, including health and beauty, everyone seems to resort to shortcuts and instant remedies. Unhealthy lifestyles contribute largely to the destruction of our bodies and we seem to have come to the stage when we turn to instant cures or treatments.

Up N Go Energy Review – Build Your Immune System Nutritionally!!

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