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Love and relationships.

The relationship between a man and a woman … how should it really be? So far, only women themselves know the answer to this question (but they don’t tell us :)). Men, on the other hand, often do not have a true idea of ​​the relationship (or have, but that which is imposed on them from the outside). Or they make mistakes that lead to their destruction.

After reading this article, you will understand that women and men are from the same planet, and not from different ones, as one of the writers wrote. 🙂

You just need to understand the nature of their actions and the principle by which they choose their man. This is the only way to build a truly high-quality relationship that will never exhaust itself.

Regardless of the age of the woman herself, it is important to follow one rule. It consists in the fact that at the very beginning of a relationship between a man and a woman, 90% of the topics for conversation should be general. And only 10% – those “deep” topics when it comes to something personal.

It can be your attitude to life, to people, your most intimate experiences that you share with few people.

Many men make the mistake of talking about deep topics at the very first meeting. A woman perceives this either as something strange, or as an attempt to artificially please a woman (naturally, no one talks about personal things so early).

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1 Answer

Many people ask me does eharmony work. I answer this question by telling how many new acquaintances I have found on this site in a year. They are all shocked because in a year I met and met more than 15 people! These were wonderful meetings, because before the meetings I learned a lot about them.

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