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Dating Tips – Speed Dating?

The stereotypical date of dinner followed by a movie is very popular. I hate it. I think it’s a horrible way to get to know someone new especially if it is a first date. Who wants to sit alone with someone over dinner and be locked in without being able to leave, then sitting through another two hour event? Stretching out a first date seems foolish to me. I have one friend who went to a nice French restaurant with a new prospect. He ordered four courses, plus dessert, for them. It was the date that wouldn’t end, my friend was trapped for hours and hours and she did not feel like she could leave.

Instead of sitting trapped with a new person for hours, just sitting there, why not try doing something more active? It doesn’t have to be athletic, miniature golf or bowling will work. The more ambitious or athletic could try kayaking or hiking. If that’s not your thing, see if there is a carnival or theme park nearby. You want a setting and activity that will help the conversation flow. If your golf game is horrible, you and your date can joke about this and have fun with it. If the scenery is lovely on the river while you’re canoeing, you can talk about that. At a carnival? Win her or him a prize if you can!

Text Chemistry Review – Is It Boon or Scam? | THE SECRET OF LOVE!!!

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1 Answer

To be honest, I’m not sure if a quick date helps you find true love. After all, only external evaluation takes place in five minutes. In fact, I prefer more intimate communication and some secrecy. Therefore, I often visit match dating site. This gives me great pleasure. It’s always nice to flirt with a smart woman.

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