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Coconut Oil to Treat Alzheimer’s?

Borderline Personality Memory Plus Program Review Disorder is often caused by neglectful and/or abusive parents or guardians. It causes emotionally instability and can lead to stress and numerous other problems. You develop a distorted image of yourself, that you’re worthless and flawed. Your mood swings are frequent and you often become angry for no good reason.

While you fervently desire loving relationships, these you tend to ruin by these sudden outbursts of anger, which obviously turn people away from you.Your self-image can change rapidly. You see yourself one minute as a caring, loving individual, but the next, as a thoroughly bad, evil person. Even, on occasion, that you don’t exist at all, which make your feelings of worthlessness all the more pronounced. This typifies Borderline Personality Disorder and its symptoms.There are no grey areas in your life, only black and white thinking. Without this ability for ‘grey’ thought, you’re quite incapable of compromise or seeing anyone else’s point of view. It follows, then, that you frequently experience love-hate, idealizing a person for a short while, then turning around and hating them.

One of the most unfortunate symptoms is that the sufferer may be well aware of their destructive behaviour, but there isn’t anything they can do about it. An analogy would be the alcoholic who knows perfectly well that his or her drinking habits are destructive, both to her and those around her, but she simply can’t stop.

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