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What is the most advanced AMD processor in 2019?

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1 Answer

The processor is commonly called CPU (Central Processing Unit) or CPO (Central Processing Unit).A processor is a small electronic unit that looks like a machine performing a function. This is one of the most important parts of a computer system unit’s hardware.

Initially, the CPU was called the logical machine that runs the most complex computer programs.Due to its compliance with the function, after a while it is transferred to the computer. Word application began in the 1960s.

The architecture of the device, technology and processor has changed a lot since then. But the effectiveness remains the same.The main features are: Such as frequency; Energy consumption, Architecture, functionality; Standard lithographic process.

Previously, processors were created separately for different computer systems. When this type of production becomes very expensive, it is replaced by an ideal type of mass production. Being able to cut the size of the processor, they began to introduce PDA, and many other gadgets.

Intel processor family. Today – one of the most powerful processors. Specifies the vertical segment of the server. The former product code name is Broadwell.Lithography product 14nm. This processor ensures permanent operation of ten cells to twenty threads.

The low base clock frequency of 2.2 GHz can be covered up to 3.1 GHz using Turbo Boost technology. 25 MB cache is equipped with SmartCache technology.The processor refers to a variety of conflict-free products, that is, “friend” pleasure with other company’s products.

Supports DDR4-1600 / 1866/2133 memory. It has four memory channels. Bandwidth 68.3 GB / s. Average memory capacity 1.54 TB. But it depends on his type. Choose any Intel family of processors, this model ensures stable and reliable operation of the server system, due to the reliability of the part part of Intel products.

It is worth considering the need for a good cooling system for the presence of the AMD processor family. Also, the processors of the surveyed companies have the highest reliability and the most affordable price for the user as opposed to the processors of other brands.

Is not heated; Power; Excellent performance even at greatest load; Low energy consumption; Suitable for gaming PC. High price; Long BIOS boot time.

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