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What is the future of cyber security?

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1 Answer

The cybersecurity industry must stop looking back and now transform to keep up with the rate of innovation happening in the wider technology industry. Society only needs to look back a few decades to see a time when computers were so basic as to be unrecognizable. Technological advancement was slow and as such, security and network protocols were basic.

This historic pace has impacted every area of computing as no one envisaged the growth or current state of technology. Today, millennials are growing up with no knowledge of dial-up internet or phones that aren’t smart. For them, a Wi-Fi black spot is the underground or flight. https://www.defensorum.com/

However, the protocols used to govern our security are still rooted in the older, slower, simpler computing age. We are all aware of how much has changed, and yet, the security industry hasn’t adapted its approach. Have we left the past behind? Honestly, the answer is no.

Most businesses instinctively know that the current protocols won’t meet their needs in the future but persistently follow the old route instead of attempting to create something new.

It’s easy to say ‘predict the future, ’ but it’s impossible actually to do it. The tricky part is imaging a network protocol in 20 years – how can the current, impressive technology be moved forward? There are little pieces to it, and those who wrote wireless protocols should consider what they would have done differently as a starting point.

Then consider the overall picture. There’s a beauty to code; it has a symmetry and complexity that is beautiful when you know what you’re looking at. Like a painter with a canvass, what can be painted is limited to the artist’s mind and vision.

For a security developer, if they can dream things then they can create their vision for more comprehensive security. Creating and imagining are the fun parts of the research and development process.

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