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What is a VPN?

What is a VPN?

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1 Answer

IP changer or virtual private network is a software that creates an extra layer of security and privacy to the internet users. Nowadays, the internet is not a safe place if anyone uses it without precautions. When someone goes online he is revealing his location, identity, and private information. IP changer or virtual private network can be a solution to this. IP changer or virtual private network is a cybersecurity tool that helps to protect data. It also can hide the exact location and identity of the users. IP changer can also bypass geo-restriction.

The online threats users face today are a hacking attack, data selling or identity theft. IP changer secures the connection by rerouting all the traffic of the user through specialized servers encrypting it in the process. This makes it impossible for hackers to hack. Again, it is safer to use a public WIFI connection with IP changer. This way the data stays protected as IP changer replaces the user’s initial IP address with a new one. IP changer also helps its users to use the web anonymously.

As days are passing, the rate of cybercrime is increasing. So the rate of people using IP changer is increasing. A survey shows that 30% of Asians use IP changers as a protection to their internet.

Open IP changer: it is an SSL based virtual private network. It runs on a UDP or TCP port that makes it secure and flexible.
L2TP/ IPsec: L2TP creates a tunnel and IPsec grants a secure channel through it. These two works together.
PPTP: PPTP creates a point to point tunnel over GRE protocol and ensures data protection.
IP changers offer some privacy features too. Like:
Kill Switch: Kill Switch works by terminating the user’s connection. Without it, data can be exposed.
Strict no log in policy: No log in policy is important to hide user’s information.
AES 256-bit encryption: This is an Advanced Encryption Standard. This is one of the top encryption out there as it’s tough to crack due to the massive amount of numbers.

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