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How to fake GPS and location on Android?

How to fake GPS and location on Android?

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1 Answer

In this guide, we can learn how a different geographical location can be identified from the real Android smartphone. It would falsify the GPS so that the applications that are used on the phone, like Google Maps or Facebook, assume we are on the other side of our current location.

This ability to falsify your Android phone’s GPS is also a way to repair the Pokemon GO game, so you can play by searching the Pokemon without having to leave your house. Also, you can use fake GPS for the Grindr( https://www.virtuallocation.com/grindr/ ) account. There are many applications on the Android phone to fake the location, without the need for Android root to unlock.

If your phone is not root released, any fake GPS location app most common and simple should be downloaded and installed.

Open the app and enable the necessary permissions after it has been installed. You are then prompted to enable GPS (not high precision but GPS or computer only) on your smartphone and uncheck WIFI in geocentric settings.

Sometime you will be asked to activate the Android Developer Menu option which is essential to make smartphone GPS work and counterfeit. If not involved, go to Settings to Phone Info and tap the Build Number Line 5 times quickly. In the Android Settings, this will have developer choices. Then open the layout tools, scroll down, and find “Select fictitious location code.” Click, and pick Fake GPS.

To reset the GPS detector to a point by falsifying it, simply hit a point on the map twice easily, double-tapping. Alternatively, tap on the magnifying glass icon to check for a city or URL. Press the orange button to turn on the wrong position. To do this, open Google Maps and verify that the location you detect is the one you select, either in the United States, New Zealand, or elsewhere. Open the Fake GPS app and press the Stop button in the bottom, and then return to the correct position for a click to detect fake GPS (the same play button). In this first step, lower the notification bar and tap the FakeGPS notification square.

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