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two miracles night There are too many similarities.

From 3-0 to 3-3! Sevilla Lianban 3 ball it is the real star of the Red Army
In the fifth round of the Champions League group stage

The North Face Jacket war, Seville home countdown draw Liverpool. In the Pizarro restricted area fell to the field shovel broke the moment, the grid fixed at 3-3. From 3-0 in the first half to 3-3 in the final, this soul-stirring game gives the feeling of dreaming back to Istanbul 12 years ago. However, history has made a joke here. Twelve years ago, Liverpool played a miracle founder. This time, Liverpool became the backdrop for Seville.

Sevilla players excited to celebrate

Istanbul night 12 years ago, Liverpool and AC Milan staged the entire history of the Champions League one of the most classic. 2005 Champions League final, AC Milan against Liverpool. Maldini opening blink, Crespo scored twice, AC Milan laid the first half three ball lead. It seems the AC Milan, the Champions League trophy is close at hand, rumored to have players in the intermission to open champagne ahead of time to celebrate. However, the second half of the sudden change, Steven Gerrard, Mitchell and Alonso after another break, Liverpool equalized the score. In the final penalty shootout, euphoria funeral AC Milan regret lost, Benitez led his unit to the last laugh.

This night staged the same story at the Ramon-Sanchez-Pius Juan Stadium in Seville, with the main character being Liverpool. With Philmondo opening blitz, Liverpool quickly laid the lead. In the face of extremely fast horse, Salah, Kudiniao and The North Face Jacket Fermino, Sevilla not too many ways. Half an hour before, Mane broke, Philmino scored twice, Liverpool 3-0 lead. Looks like Liverpool seems to be going to get a big victory in advance to get the group qualifying tickets. However, fate is so ironic. Sevilla scored three goals in the second half, copying the miracle Liverpool staged in Istanbul in 2005.

When talking about this miraculous match, former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin, who follows Liverpool’s expedition to Sevilla, said: “Too many Liverpool players in the second half feel that they seem Think the team has a winning stake in the hands, do not fight without grab, wait for the game over. “Ultimately, Liverpool paid the price. Benjieddel scored twice, Pizarro overtime break, Sevilla fiercely to Liverpool on a lesson. After the match, Benjiedl scored twice and even made a fun tweeter over social networks, “hoping AC Milan will watch the game.” Also from 3-0 to 3-3, two miracles night There are too many similarities.

In Pizarro’s corner play opportunities for the Seville equalizer that moment, the scene of Klopp was very helpless, experienced Istanbul night Liverpool fans must have the heart inside is mixed. Lost the opportunity to qualify ahead of schedule, Liverpool still ranked the group stage leader, leading Sevilla a position. The final group match against Spartak Moscow, Liverpool can win the group as long as you can get the top spot. However, from 3-0 to 3-3, from the team’s lack of solid defense to the team’s far-from-mature mentality, Liverpool now has too many problems, need Klopp and the team to reflect on, to sum up
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